visit our barbecue and sauna. Welcome!

Visit our barbecue hut. This is where we start and end our tours. But it is also possible to just rent the sauna and the barbecue for various activities.


Start and end the tour in our barbecue hut

A pleasant start

When you get here, we go into the barbecue hut and go through clothes and shoes. We talk for a while and get to know each other. Then it's time to greet our fine purebred Siberian huskies. They can sound quite a lot as we have many dogs. But everyone is kind and happy when they meet new people. If you want, we will be happy to show you how to harness the dogs, so we can help you with that. The dogs know what is going on and they are happy to let themselves be harnessed.

Coffee after a lovely trip?

Hot drinks and coffee are served in our cozy barbecue hut before the return trip to the hotel. If you have any allergies or wishes, we want to know it when booking. We use organic raw materials that are produced in Ale or near Ale.
The honey that you can use for tea is home-grown on the farm.

Sauna and traditional Northern food

If you book a sauna, cold drinks and a meal afterwards are also included. We serve a typical Norrbothnia dish with organic and locally produced ingredients. A typical Norrbothnian dish might be Renskav with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam, Nikkaluoktasoppa or Moose meat soup with dumplings.
Notify in advance of allergies.


Summary of today's adventure?