Our activities, winter and summer.

We have different dog sled tours to offer. Partly different tours during the day and also dog sled tours in the evening, which can be an exciting alternative.


When autumn is in it´s color full mood, then our training season begins. Come and experiens the feeling with a husky team of 12 pulling a quad.
Together with our Huskies take a walk to Selets Bruk and let the dogs take a dip in the river. Then we grill sausages and have coffee with dip before returning to the kennel.
Welcome to visit our husky kennel and spend time with all our Huskies.
Sauna is health. After a relaxing sauna bath, cold drinks and a meal with a touch of Norrbotten are enjoyed.
Perfect dog sled tour for the whole family through snow-covered forests and open fields. Ends with coffee in the grill hut.
Learn to drive a dog sled 10 km.
Here we have a longer tour where you can learn to drive a dog sled. 21km
Cozy evening tour in the glow of headlamps that ends with coffee in the barbecue hut.
An experienced instructor/guide will show you the basics and you will learn how the sled works, how to harness and connect the dogs to the team.

Important information about our activities and bookings

In case of cancellation no later than 2 weeks before the booked date, the entire amount is refunded, 1 week before 50% of the amount is refunded, after that nothing is refunded. If you book on the same day, payment is made in cash or via swish. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us again.

We have liability insurance, but recommend that you take out your own travel insurance should the accident occur.

All dog sled tours include coffee or tea and tasty sandwiches.